Careful analysis and personal approach

We thoroughly research the client’s target audience, the requirements of the project and business, the market environment and we define the most effective communication channels.We select design solutions for each project based on results of careful analysis and applying scientific background. We develop the concept, the style and the means of visual communication, we create the most user-friendly and logical structure of interaction of the target audience with the product that assist our clients to achieve their business objectives.


For over 7 years we create exceptional projects for our clients.

80+ clients and partners: small business and entrepreneurs, large corporations and government entities, projects with non-disclosure agreements.

International projects in 12 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong, Argentina, USA and the UK.

We have international team of specialist from Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Kazakhstan. Each of team members brings to the project its strengths, unique cultural experience and global vision.

The experience of creating projects starting from a personal business card and to crowd-source city portal for the variety of very different sectors and well-built methodology of working process allow us to create effective solutions based on careful analysis, with the help of scientific methods and proven technology.

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Web design
  • Web site development
  • Landing page design
  • Brand development
  • Brand identity
  • Online Store design
  • eCommerce
  • B2B, B2G, B2I Presentations
  • Print design
  • Vehicle design
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Usability Analysis
  • Mobile Apps development
  • Web Apps development
  • Packaging Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Billboard & Advertisement
  • Art direction
  • Information architecture

Businessman and entrepreneurs highly appreciate our personal approach to business, and our impeccable reputation allows us to work on projects for large companies and government agencies.

An important fact — more than 90% of new customers come to us after advice and sincere appreciative feedback from our customers.

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    Ekaterina Inozemtseva

    True professionals with extensive experience have helped us to improve significantly the conversion of our Landing. After such a success, we have decided to ask for a full audit and brand strategy.
    What I like most about Great Crew — is their versatile expertise at the international level. Highly recommend!

    The OJ: territory of conscious live
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    Olga Luis and Marina Novikova

    Reflection of our own business in the Internet is always a challenge, and for our company United Decor, busy with visual art, website creation has become a particular problem. For a client it was necessary to bring our vision .... We spent on creating your own website and bringing the idea of ​​perfection is about 2 years old, we almost despaired. But, as always happens, the dates of the meeting place in time, and quite by accident. Team Great Crew, to which we turned on the recommendation of friends, spoke to the same language of aesthetics, and throughout the work follow the same ideals — "the devil is in the details." The combination of visual perfection and flawless usability completely captivated us. The problem immediately began to solve, and if not for our lack of efficiency in the reactions, the site would be ready almost immediately. Thank you for your patience you have!) The site is atmospherical and perfectly in line with our outlook and European approach to work. We especially pleased that all notice luxuriously comfortable menu, and a nomination for the award awwwards, was a natural extension.

    United Decor
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    Sergey Estrin

    We would like to thank the team Great Crew for fruitful cooperation associated with the project of the workshop site. We would like to note the professionalism of the studio staff, their attention to details and friendliness, they provide a comfortable environment to work together. The project was completed on time, which was very important for us. Great Crew Team positioned itself at its best and we look forward in the future to continue our cooperation.
    With great respect.

    Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio
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    Tatiana Bykova

    The work on one breath, in motion and drive. The agency's team keeps a constant tonus. We speak the same language, feel and understand each other perfectly. They have clear, structured approach to work, they focus on task and complete immersion in the implementation. They do risk management and various options for a successful project. One of the main advantages of our wedding agency — we always choose high-quality contractor. We are very pleased that we did not make a mistake by Great Crew. It was very interesting experience of joint cooperation.

    Private Secret
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    Oleg Nesterov

    Team Great Crew — a unique project, which perfectly combines great taste, high professionalism, fitting our specialization, creativity, advanced technology and active life position of the team.This is exactly what is needed for such IT companies as we are.
    When a customer communicates little with the contractor — it’s not bad, it’s for Great Crew, because they understand perfectly from the first word or your understanding and individual approach, for your willingness to help me and the love that I felt with all my heart! I love you and hope for a long cooperation.

    Lime Systems
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    Natalia Sokolova

    I do not choose the easy way, and Masha is well recognized this during our work together. For me it became a great discovery — the fact of working on business with internal resources, it is not only the head, but also the heart. I was allowed to do this by guys from Great Crew Agency. They were fully included in project and in my way of thinking, and they also made further resource pumping that others remained unnoticed. The guys brought me to another level of recognition of my resources as a person who can feel the people and understand them in terms of their personal style in clothes. They used the balance of power, priorities, strategies, etc, and helped to make the real discovery of my inner working mechanism, which must become useful both to me personally and to others. Their work approach is something special: I realized it when we first met, because we had instant connection. I was happy to see such an approach, I knew that I see and understand exactly what to do and how to more accurately and correctly unite my I do with my business. Thank you for your understanding and individual approach, for your willingness to help me and the love that I felt with all my heart! I love you and hope for a long cooperation.

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    Beverley Gibbons

    After the launch of our new website created by Great Crew, our business has grown significantly. Maria and Alexander know how to create an attractive design and working sites. The site has received a lot of compliments from our customers.

    Pinetrees Riding Centre
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    Max S.

    I’m very pleased with how Great Crew guys are working.They are very attentive to the customer and offer great solutions for objectives.Every decision in website development the team substantiated clearly.

    Special thanks for effective recommendations about marketing and promotion of our Club.

    «Selfdefence 100%» Club
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    Ivan E.

    It was really a pleasure to work with Great Crew team. They have developed a good name and logo for our company, which meet our objectives and created a beautiful and convenient online store.

    We were pleased with both the result and the process. Great Crew are true professionals.


Our approach is a combination of careful research, in-depth analysis and thoughtful improvements at each stage of project development.

We have international team of specialist from Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Kazakhstan. Each member of our team brings one’s strengths, unique cultural experience and global vision to the project.

We provide diversified business and market research: we are able to find the most unobvious information. We analyse the data and the target audience, work on the optimal strategy of communication and select the solution specifically for your business needs.

Your target audience is not only “women, 30-40 years,” it is about their personality type, where they work, what they are attracted to, how they spend their time, of which other companies they are clients, how they think and make decisions.

At Great Crew, we believe in personal approach to each client – all major design projects are carried out by company’s leading stuff members. For us it is always important how your project and the business behind it will live on. However we do not “bind” the client to us – we create a complete solution, with which it is easy and pleasant to work independently.

Our mission: to create the best products and solutions for our customers, to make the world and the digital space more comfortable and perfect by design language.

Using modern technology, we successfully carry out projects of any complexity both in person and over a distance. Our clients are diverse: companies from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong and the United States.

Let’s discuss the challenges of your business in person or via video call and let us tell what solutions we can offer for you.

We are located in Europe. We work around the world.

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Leave your contact information and we get back to you as soon as possible:

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  • Website Development
  • Content Support

The company “Dobrodacha” has been building and selling high-quality wooden houses in its own villages near Moscow for 12 years. The main principle of the company is high quality for a very affordable price.

The interactive site-consultant of the company “Dobrodacha” will tell and show everything that is necessary for the visitor to make a decision about the purchase.
We thought through all the scenarios and questions that a potential buyer might have, and created a comfortable, visual structure and design solution.

The company’s site required a complete rethinking taking to account understanding the audience needs, knowledge of new technologies and approaches to content management

We decided to provide all the necessary information to the future clients of the company in a convenient way, to give visitors a chance to easily and clearly choose the project of the house and the land lot they wish on the site.

A lot of work was done to collect all the information and create a structure that will facilitate the data perception by site visitors. In Great Crew, we’ve conducted a thorough analysis of the competitive environment, the target audience and the market. We’ve identified the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, the market in whole. Worked through “pain points” of the final buyer.

Statement of work development and all further design solutions were based on the results of analysis of these data.

We carefully worked through the desired scenarios of visitors’ behavior on the site: at each point we give a maximum of useful, important information for decision-making, we help our visitors to become clients of “Dobrodacha” with confidence in the quality and result.

Each section of the site is carefully elaborated for the convenience of the visitor.
The most important stages — the construction and registration of the purchase processes are described in the most detail, since transparency and clarity help in the decision-making process.

The main colors of the site are natural, bright and at the same time colors of summer that create a feeling of comfort, coziness and a good mood

The right shade of sunny yellow animates the picture, as well as bright green echoes with the color of fresh grass, summer, nature, forests, fields.

The most important features of each village are accented with purposely designed icons: it allows the client to navigate faster and easily perceive important information about the future residence.

In Great Crew, we have drawn all the master plans of the villages to make the maps attractive in appearance and clearly show the location of the plots in the village

We’ve designed an intuitive interface that gives the client all the necessary information: where the land plot is located and what is around it; Indicates proximity to the river, forest, school, church.

The main task in the project “Dobrodacha” is the development of an easy-to-use system that has a complex internal structure. We’ve created a fully automated tool that is designed to help the client select the future land plot and assemble his future house like constructor details.

Each project of the house has detailed description and visually presented

Visitors can choose any project based on their desires and needs. They can easily expand and supplement the configuration of the house, for example, increase the height of the ceilings or order an additional bathroom on the second floor.

For this purpose we’ve developed a project calculator — a flexible system where you can easily see how changing the height of ceilings, an improved heating system, adding a shed for a car, building a utility block or sauna influences the project’s final price. Thus, the clients themselves “assemble” their future houses the way they would like to see it and based on available budget.

We’ve elaborated various custom scenarios for selecting a house with a plot. If the visitor starts by choosing a house, the system saves the selected parameters for each of the projects and displays the selected project when the client chooses a land plot on the master plan of the village.

The chosen configuration of the house with the plot is sent to the customer’s email for convenience

The visitors do not need to call a manager to make additional requests — we give them a fully automated tool.

The mobile optimization for various devices was conducted for this website. A convenient administration dashboard was developed. For example, it is possible to update information on land plots and special offers with two clicks directly from mobile phone.